One our favorite parts of our business is saying “welcome” to out of town guests with one of our wedding bags and baskets. For years we have made the brides mothers job a little easier by putting together these packages for her wedding guests. You will see a few of these packages on our website but they are only a small sample of what we can do for you.

Actually, because we do out own printing we can personalize the bags for you too! There are a variety of items that can be put in the wedding bags and basket and it is so easy for you to give us a call or send us an email and let us know what you are looking to do. We are always happy to make suggestions once you give us an idea of the ideal wedding welcome and basket. And another good feature about the way we do these is that we can always find away to work within your budget.

There is no limit or minimum on the number of bags that can be ordered. They can be ordered to be picked up by you, delivered by us, or shipped to your desired location. In fact, we have worked wedding and convention planners over the years.

Your options are many, your budget is important and we can bring it all together for you!

We look forward to hearing from via email or phone to help curate the perfect wedding or corporate welcome bag and basket.