Here at Old Town we have a very nice selection of Wedding Favors to offer you!

Since 1932 we have been serving the needs of brides and grooms with only the freshest of Wedding Favors for their guests. Our Traditional Pralines are made in two sizes: regular and large. Both are made with the same ingredients. And, even though our Pralines are delicious we make them in chocolate and who doesn’t love chocolate!

We also pour a variety of chocolate candies suitable for any party, special event, or wedding favors! There is no limit to purchase these, which makes them perfect for your luncheon or convention. They can be served individually or boxed for gift giving.  All of Old Town Pralines favors come in a heat sealed clear poly bag. We can even personalize this bag with an in house printed label for you. So if you are looking to put your logo, company motto, or monogram on the favors we can do that for you. Many brides and grooms like to put their names and wedding date on their wedding favors.

Here at Old Town Praline we do not use voodoo magic to make our candy! We simply use the very best ingredients in them. Also it is our practice to always cook for the event as ordered. Our candy never sits on a shelf waiting for someone to buy them. This allows us to always serve the freshest candy possible.

Please give us call or send us an email as we are always happy to chat with you about your Wedding Favor order.