Chocolate Fudgy Praline


Do you love chocolate, well if the answer is yes than our Chocolate Fudgy Praline is for you! You will be sure to satisfy your sweet tooth with our these creamy Chocolate Fudgy Pralines.


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What is a praline?

The Praline is a crisp candy made from pecans, brown sugar, and cane sugar. This candy has been a favorite in New Orleans, dating back to it French Settlement days. The name praline is derived from that of a French diplomat, Cecur DuPlessis Praslin. It was Marshall Praslin, who, according to tradition first ordered his pecans cooked in sugar, in the belief that served in this fashion, they would not cause indigestion. As Praslin is pronounced “Pra-lin”, that name was adopted as the name of the candy. Pralines have long been a most sought after candy in New Orleans. They are a favorite of both locals and visitors to our city. No visit to New Orleans is complete without tasting this local favorite!